Sky Jinks

Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
Programmer(s) Bob Whitehead

Atari 2600

Release 1982
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) One player

In Sky Jinks, the player pilots a low-flying Seversky XP-41 the player must bank around a prescribed number of pylons. The XP-41 can bank left and rightb_SkyJinks_front, as well as accelerate and decelerate. Flying into a pylon, tree, or hot air balloon slows down the plane.

The game comprises four predefined courses—Polo Grounds, Aero Race, Love Field, and Speedy Meadows—as well as a pseudo-randomly-generated course called Thompson Tourney.

Patch Requirements and Score

If you beat a time of 37.0 seconds on Game 1, without missing any pylons,
you can join our Activision “Sky Stars.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 2.31.49 PM
I thought this patch would be harder to achieve, but it only took a few tries.  While this game doesn’t get many good reviews, I think its alright-simple graphics but well done.

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