Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
Designer(s) Steve Cartwright
Platform(s) Atari 2600 (original)
Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit
Release September 1982
Genre(s) Fixed Shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Megamania gameplay resembles that of Astro Blaster, but rather than being aliens or spaceships the enemies in are various objects such as hamburgers,
Megamaniabow ties, and steam irons. The object is to shoot them down before the energy bar at the bottom of screen is depleted, all while avoiding the oncoming enemies and their own projectile attacks. Each of the enemies fly in select patterns and as soon a

s they hit the bottom of he screen, they re-appear at the top until shot by the player. The player’s spacecraft depicted in the game is a cross between the U.S.S. Enterprise and Klingon battlecruiser from the Star Trek universe.

Patch Requirements and Score:

If you reach a scare of 45,000 points or more, you are eligible to
become an official MegaManiac.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 2.53.13 PM
I wanted to do a little better, but my games got worse as I played more.  I quite like this game, so will return to it again in the future.

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